Looking for something different, a new approach to fitness?

I specialise in strength training men and women in the 30-60 age bracket using strength training using the techniques I have developed as  both a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. I believe strength training is the best all-round training bar none.

It is a myth that older men can't build muscle or transform their physiques. I am living proof of this given I didn't start training till I was in my 40's.

Strength training has so many benefits including improvements in strength, mobility, weight management, stamina, prevention of disease, balance, posture, risk of injury, bone density, well being, self-esteem, sleep, stress relief and performance of everyday tasks.

 If you are not getting the results you want at the gym then hiring a coach can also increase your focus, motivation and improve your results in the most time efficient manner. This is especially important for people with busy lives who need to maximise the effectiveness of their time in the gym.

Training is geared towards your level of experience, but always with a focus on correct technique, whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced lifter looking to break through training plateaus. Your programme can be altered for any specific goals with in the overall aim of improving your strength, body composition, health, and just making you feel better.

I don't employ fads or gimmicks, but use only a mix of tried and tested methods backed by the latest scientific research. I have trained clients of all ages and age is no barrier to improving your health and well-being. I am based at The Bodybuilding and Fitness Gym, a state of the art facility in Leith, Edinburgh.

If that sounds like the sort of training you are looking for, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Strike while the iron is hot, do it today!


​​I have been training with Neil for just over 12 months now. I have to say that Neil has been a fantastic trainer to work with. When I first started with him, I had a long way to go and still have some of this way to travel, but throughout, Neil has encouraged and enthused me all the way. He took into account all of my limited capabilities when I started with him and we built up my training programme from there. I am now astounded by what I can do in the gym in just a very short space of time. He is tremendously encouraging and gives his clients a real sense of self-confidence and belief that they can do it. In my short time of working with him, I have managed to lose approximately six stones, which was unthinkable just over a year ago. He is very patient with his clients and is one of the most positive people I have ever worked with, which is great for trying to lose weight or simply getting fitter. I would highly recommend him to anyone, either young or old, fit or unfit - he will simply put you on a track to success in no time at all.  

Ewan 32

I'm not sporty and haven't been for many years. I'm 45 and have sat behind a desk for much of the last decade. As a result I was slowly going downhill - overweight, lacking in strength and moaning and groaning every time I had to get up out of a chair. With his patience, good sense of humour and real understanding of what exercises to do to achieve the results I want, Neil has really helped me reverse the decline! I've completed a 10K, dropped several inches from my waist, gained definition and generally feel fit and healthy again. Friends and family have all commented on the difference he's made. I wish I had done this years ago. Neil prepares each session and guides me through it. He makes sure I do each exercise effectively and encourages me to push beyond the point where I would naturally give myself a break. It requires real effort on my part, but Neil makes it all as easy as possible. If you want to get fit again then I really do recommend Neil to you.

David 45

​I had the pleasure of working with Neil over the course of a few months. In that time he demonstrated an excellent knowledge of strength training and was able to answer any questions I had about exercises, nutrition, how my muscles work and how they react to training. On top of his obvious passion for fitness, Neil is also very friendly and I would recommend his services to anybody who wants to get fitter, stronger or healthier.

Michael 23

Neil is a great personal trainer. He put a lot of effort into designing sessions that are really focused on my personal goals. I've noticed a huge improvement in my strength and fitness since I started to train with Neil and I've really enjoyed the sessions.

Neil 35                                                     

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